Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Electromyographic prosthetic hand using grasping-force-magnification mechanism with five independently driven fingers
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.24, pp.1586-1598)
    Takeshi Takaki (Hiroshima University), Keisuke Shima (Yokohama National University), Naohisa Mukaidani (Hiroshima University), Toshio Tsuji (Hiroshima University), Akira Otsuka (Prefectural University of Hiroshima), Takaaki Chin (Hyogo Rehabilitation Center Hospital)
  • Large attitude change flight of a quad tilt rotor unmanned aerial vehicle
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.5, pp.326-337)
    Atsushi Oosedo (Tohoku University), Satoko Abiko (Tohoku University), Shota Narasaki (Tohoku University), Atsushi Kuno (Tohoku University), Atsushi Konno (Hokkaido University), Masaru Uchiyama (Tohoku University)
  • Transformable multirotor with two-dimensional multilinks: modeling, control, and motion planning for aerial transformation
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.13, pp.825-845)
    Moju Zhao (The University of Tokyo), Koji Kawasaki (The University of Tokyo), Kei Okada (The University of Tokyo), Masayuki Inaba (The University of Tokyo)
  • Scissor lift with real-time self-adjustment ability based on variable gravity compensation mechanism
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.15, pp.1014-1026)
    Naoyuki Takesue (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Yosuke Komoda (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Hideyuki Murayama (Toyota Motor Corporation), Kousyun Fujiwara (Toyota Motor Corporation), Hideo Fujimoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  • Posture estimation of hose-shaped robot by using active microphone array
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.1, pp.35-49)
    Yoshiaki Bando (Kyoto Univ.), Takuma Otsuka (Kyoto Univ.), Takeshi Mizumoto (Kyoto Univ.), Katsutoshi Itoyama (Kyoto Univ.), Masashi Konyo (Tohoku Univ.), Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku Univ.), Kazuhiro Nakadai (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd., / Tokyo Institute of Technology ), Hiroshi G. Okuno (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Realizing whole-body tactile interactions with a self-organizing, multi-modal artificial skin on a humanoid robot
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.1, pp.51-67)
    Philipp Mittendorfer (Technische Universitat Munchen), Eiichi Yoshida (Joint Robotics Laboratory, CNRS-AIST ), Gordon Cheng (Technische Universitat Munchen)
  • 1 ms Auto Pan-Tilt?video shooting technology for objects in motion based on Saccade Mirror with background subtraction
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.7, pp.457-468)
    Kohei Okumura (SUZUYE & SUZUYE Intellectual Property Law ), Keiko Yokoyama (NEC Corp.), Hiromasa Oku (Gunma Univ.), Masatoshi Ishikawa (The Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Motion control of wearable-type walking support system based on the spring-mass model
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.20, pp.1339-1355)
    Shinji Suzuki (Tohoku Univ.), Yasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku Univ.), Kazuhiro Kosuge (Tohoku Univ.)
  • A novel method to develop an animal model of depression using a small mobile robot
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.1 pp.61-69)
    Hiroyuki Ishii, Qing Shi, Shogo Fumino, Shinichiro Konno, Shinichi Kinoshita, Satoshi Okabayashi, Naritoshi Iida, Hiroshi Kimura, Yu Tahara, Shigenobu Shibata, Atsuo Takanishi
  • Tightly-coupled stereo vision-aided inertial navigation using feature-based motion sensors
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.28 No.11 pp.717-729)
    Ehsan Asadi, Carlo L. Bottasso
  • Improved stability of haptic human?robot interfaces using measurement of human arm stiffness
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.28 No.13 pp.869-882)
    William Gallagher, Dalong Gao, Jun Ueda
  • Decentralized controllers for perimeter surveillance with teams of aerial robots
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.9 pp.697-709)
    Luciano C.A. Pimenta, Guilherme A.S. Pereira, Mateus M. Goncalves, Nathan Michael, Matthew Turpin, Vijay Kumar
  • A real-time super-resolution robot audition system that improves the robustness of simultaneous speech recognition
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.12 pp.933-945)
    Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hiroshi G. Okuno
  • Study on Roller-Walker ― Improvement of Locomotive Efficiency of Quadrupted Robots by Passive Wheels
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.26 No.8-9 pp.969-988)
    Gen Endo, Shigeo Hirose
  • Dynamic Rolling-Walk Motion by the Limb Mechanism Robot ASTERISK
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 25, Issue 1-2, pp. 75-91)
    Chayooth Theeravithayangkura,田窪 朋仁(大阪市立大学),大原 賢一(名城大学),前 泰志(大阪大学),新井 健生(大阪大学)
  • Real-Time Quadratic Sliding Mode Filter for Removing Noise
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 26, Issue 8-9, pp. 877-896)
    金 山海,菊植 亮,山本 元司(九州大学)
  • Online Object Categorization Using Multimodal Information Autonomously Acquired by a Mobile Robot
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 26, Issue 17, pp. 1995-2020)
    荒木 孝弥(電気通信大学),中村 友昭(HRI-JP),長井 隆行(電気通信大学),船越 孝太郎,中野 幹生(HRI-JP),岩橋 直人(京都大学)



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