How to Join RSJ

Membership Fees

Annual membership fees are as shown in the table below.
When first joining RSJ, regular members is charged an entrance fee of 1,000 yen.
Student member has two types: Student member A, and Student member B. Student A is sent Journal of Robotics Society of Japan (JRSJ) (Japanese) by air mail or surface mail, and Student member B isn’t sent JRSJ. However, all members can read review articles and papers put in JRSJ by J-Stage, and Advanced Robotics (English: International RSJ Paper Journal) provided online.
There are no charges for the procedures involved in changing one’s membership status from a student member to a regular member.

Membership fees for members in Japan (Revised on April 1, 2017)

Membership Annual Fee (JPY) Entry Fee (JPY)
Regular 10,000 1,000
Student A 4,000
Student B 2,400
Supporting 80,000(per unit)

Membership fees for members outside of Japan (Revised on April 1, 2017)

Membership Annual Fee (JPY) JRSJ Shipping Method Entry Fee (JPY)
Basic Membership Fee Postage Total Membership Fee
Regular 10,000 6,000 16,000 Airmail 1,000
3,000 13,000 Surface mail
0 10,000 Not sent
Student A 4,000 6,000 10,000 Airmail
3,000 7,000 Surface mail
Student B 2,400 2,400 Not sent

JRSJ = Journal of Robotics Society of Japan (Japanese)



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