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“Advanced Robotics” is the official international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan. It is planned, edited, and reviewed by the RSJ international journal publication committee, and is printed and distributed by Taylor & Francis.

Impact Factor :0.961 in 2017 (0.920 in 2016)
ISSN: 0169-1864
Published since 1988

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ISSUES Submission Deadline Publish (planned)
Robot and Human Interactive Communication October 31, 2018 Vol.33, No.7
(April 2019)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robotics Manipulation January 31, 2019 Vol.33, No.21
(November 2019)
Cyborg and Bionic Systems March 31, 2019 Vol.34, Issue 1
(November 2019)

Message from Editorial Board

Editor in Chief, Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics (AR) started in 1986 as an official international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ). In these 30 years, our journal has been contributing to scientists, engineers, and students by supplying the publication of all aspects of research on robotics science and engineering. Recently, robots and artificial intelligence are recognized their importance in the society, and a lot of applications are realized for our better life. Robotics research society should orchestrate the relation among robots and humans so that we can design the future shape of our lives. AR covers interdisciplinary works of this expanding research field. Since AR is originated in Japan, one of the leading countries in Robotics research, The mission of our journal is to keep the large impact to the society as it has been doing in these 30 years. AR has published several special issues on the theme of advanced and basic research topics on Robotics and has grown as a truly international interdisciplinary journal integrating all aspects of Robotics. It is planned, edited, and reviewed by the RSJ international journal publication committee, and is published from Taylor & Francis.

AR welcomes the submission of papers of high quality and interest reporting original research results of analysis, design, implementation and use of robots in various areas such as manipulation, locomotion, sensors, actuators, materials, control, intelligence, language, software, interface, system architecture, biomimetics, etc. The journal will also cover aspects of social and managerial analysis, and policy regarding robots. We encourage all of you to submit papers and appreciate to receive proposals to organize the special issue.

Koh Hosoda (Osaka University) Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Robotics



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