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Advanced Robotics (AR) is the official international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ) and has a history of more than twenty years. It is an interdisciplinary journal which integrates publication of all aspects of research on robotics science and technology. Advanced Robotics publishes original research papers and survey papers from all over the world. Issues contain papers on analysis, theory, design, development, implementation and use of robots and robot technology. The journal covers both fundamental robotics and robotics related to applied fields such as service robotics, field robotics, medical robotics, rescue robotics, space robotics, underwater robotics, agriculture robotics, industrial robotics, and robots in emerging fields. It also covers aspects of social and managerial analysis and policy regarding robots.

Advanced Robotics does not accept the paper that has been or will be published in any other journals of any languages as well as the paper which is under consideration by another journal of any languages.

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Instruction for authors

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