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How to post your own paper on your web site

 This page describes how the author of an article that was published in Advanced Robotics (AR) can post it on a website of its own or an academic organization, such as laboratory or a school library, with which the author belongs to.
  In accordance with the Copyright Regulations of Taylor and Francis (T&F), which is the publisher of AR, an author may upload article data prepared by the author in person, with the exception of the final PDF article provided by T&F, pursuant to the following conditions. In other words, the author is quickly able to upload the article, either before peer review or after reflecting the comments from the peer review, onto a website on the author’s own responsibility.
  This will allow you to proactively advertise your achievements both in Japan and overseas.
  Further, because the article will be deemed to have been officially published with the assignment in Stage 2 below of an Article DOI (this is entered into the iFast field of an online publication in lieu of undetermined volume and issue numbers) prior to the determination of the volume and issue of the AR in which the article is to be published, releasing the article early will lead to an increase in the citation count thereof.
  We strongly encourage you to consider this possibility.

Conditions for permitting posting of own article onto a website

No. Type of manuscript Definition of manuscript Purpose of disclosing on website Conditions for permission to post Note that must be included
1 Preprint A version of your article created prior to peer review:td> It may be posted with the note in the right column during peer review (when it is not known whether it will be published in AR or not). ・Immediately after submission (during peer review / prior to decision to publish) This is a preprint of an article submitted for consideration in ADVANCED ROBOTICS, copyright Taylor & Francis and Robotics Society of Japan; ADVANCED ROBOTICS is available online at
2 Preprint A version of your article created prior to peer review:
(Exactly the same as in 1 above)
It may be posted as an interim measure during the 12 months following the publication of of the relevant article in AR until when the postprint below can be posted. The article is deemed to have been officially released upon posting on the web and becomes eligible for citation. ・Upon decision to publish and allocation of DOI This is a preprint of an article whose final and definitive form has been published in ADVANCED ROBOTICS [year of publication], copyright Taylor & Francis and Robotics Society of Japan, is available online at: DOI; *****DOI number*****.
3 Postprint Your article in the form accepted for publication in a Taylor & Francis journal following the process of peer review:
(Article as revised in accordance with the comments from the peer review and approved for publication; has not yet been edited or type set by T&F)
Official publication ・12 months from the initial publication
・Commercial distribution and extensive distribution by third parties prohibited
This is an electronic version of an article published in ADVANCED ROBOTICS, [Volume No., No., pp-, year of publication]. ADVANCED ROBOTICS is available online at: DOI; *****DOI number*****.
4 Final PDF article Article data officially posted by T&F on their website after completing peer review, editing and proofing Cannot be posted on websites ・Prohibited Not applicable, since all rights are reserved



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