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22日に予定しておりました本講演会は、諸般の事情により、23日の開催 に変更になりました。





■ 開催日時:2012年 11月 23日(金)15:30-16:30

■ 会  場:中央大学後楽園キャンパス 3号館 3階 3310号室

■ 参 加 費:無料

■ プログラム

○講演会 15:30~16:30

題目:Miniature Mobile Robots Down to Micron Scale

講師:Prof. Metin Sitti(Carnegie Mellon University | CMU)


Miniature mobile robots have the unique capability of accessing

to small spaces and scales directly. Due to their small size and

small-scale physics and dynamics, they could be agile and

portable, and could be inexpensive and in large numbers if they

are mass-produced. Miniature robots would have potential

applications in health-care, mobile sensor networks, desktop

micro-manufacturing, environmental monitoring, and inspection. In

this talk, design, manufacturing, and control of different size

scale miniature robots with various locomotion capabilities are

presented. First, as centimeter scale robots, new climbing robots

using gecko foot-hairs inspired micro-fiber adhesives as their

repeatable and power efficient attachment materials are proposed.

These new fibrillar adhesives are as strong as biological

foot-hairs on smooth surfaces. Various climbing robot prototypes

and a soft capsule medical robot using these adhesives show the

feasibility of fibrillar microstructure based adhesion and

friction enhancement. Next, going down to tens or hundreds of

micron scale mobile robots, significant challenges are on-board

actuation principles and power sources. Two alternative

approaches are proposed to solve this grand challenge. First,

attached bacteria are used as actuators to propel micron scale

swimming robot bodies. Stochastic motion of these S. marcescens

bacteria propelled micro-objects can be steered using chemical

gradients. Next, external powering and actuation methods are

proposed to move magnetic micro-robots using a stick-slip,

spinning or rolling based surface locomotion in air or liquid in

2-D. Vision-based control schemes can individually control

single- or teams of micro-robots and these micro-robots can

manipulate and assemble micro-parts with or without contact in

liquid. Controlled assembly and disassembly of such teams of

magnetic micro-robots are also investigated and demonstrated

towards reconfigurable micro-robotic systems in 2-D.

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