IEEE GCCE2015 Organized Session: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics のご案内(論文募集)




IEEE Consumer Electronics Societyが主催する国際会議IEEE GCCE2015において


国際会議:IEEE GCCE2015(


企画セッション:Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

重要日程:2pages Short Paper Submission: May 11, 2015

     Notification of Acceptance: July 26, 2015

     Final Paper Submission: August 17, 2015





2015 IEEE 4th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE 2015)

Special Session of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Chair: Shohei Kato (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JP)

Co-Chairs: Takahiro Uchiya (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JP)

Atsuko Mutoh (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JP)

Ryota Nishimura (Keio University, JP)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

AI, Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics

- Automated Reasoning and Reasoning under Uncertainty

- Search, SAT and CSP

- Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Management Systems

- Machine Learning and Data Mining

- Evolutionary computing, Bayesian and Neural Networks

- Decision/Utility Theory, Decision Optimization and Decision Support Systems

- Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Programming and Soft Computing

- Cognitive Modeling and Semantic Web

AI in Consumer Electronics and Service Science

- Service Oriented Computing and Applications

- Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data-Intensive Applications

- Web search and Information Retrieval

- Simulation and AI/Expert systems in Service Management

- Integration Systems for Healthcare, Assistive Technology and Real Life Applications

Applied Intelligent Systems and Domain Specific Applications

- Robotics, Computer Vision and Games

- Natural Language Processing and Understanding

- Bio‐informatics, Computational Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Applications

- WWW, Communication, Social Networking and Recommender Systems

- Games, E-Commerce, and Financial Applications

Agent-Based Approach and Multi-Agent Systems

- Computational Game Theory

- Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

- Agent-Based Scheduling, Planning, and Optimization

- Artificial Life and Artificial Societies

- Emergent Behavior

- Negotiation, Auctions and Mechanism Design

- Distributed Problem Solving

- Service Oriented Computing

- Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence

Robotics and Automation

- Automation Technologies for ITS and Smart Cities

- Applications of Social Robots in Entertainment, Service Robotics and Others

- Brain Machine Interface

- Humanoid Robots, Domestic Robots, Personal Robots and Service Robots

- Human-Centered Automation

- Rehabilitation Robotics and Assistive Robotics

- Robots in Education, Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

- Swarm Intelligence and Stigmergic Behavior

- Swarm Robotics

Human-Robot/Agent Interaction

- Non‐verbal Cues and Expressiveness in Interactions: gesture, posture and facial expressions

- Monitoring of Behavior and Internal States of Human Subjects

- Detecting and Understanding Human activity

- Social intelligence and Social Presence for robots and virtual humans

- Creating Relationships with Robots and Humanoids

- Personalities for Robotic or Virtual characters

- Embodiment, Empathy and Intersubjectivity in Interaction with Robotic and Virtual characters

- Intelligence, Motivations and Emotions in Robots

- Conversational Informatics in Human-Robot/Agent Interaction

- Multimodal Interaction and Conversational Skills

Shohei KATO

Nagoya Institute of Technology