ヒューマンセントリックロボティクス研究専門委員会 第12回研究会開催案内

HCR研究専門委員会 第12回研究会開催案内

日程 2015年3月31日 15:00~16:00

場所 九州大学伊都キャンパス ウエスト2号館 大講義室(W2-313号室)

講演者 Dr. Oscar Martinez Mozos

School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln


Assistive Technologies for Health Monitoring


As the population increases there is a need to create new technologies

to monitor the health of people, both physical and mental, during their

daily life. In this talk, I will present some of the assitive

technologies we are developing in order to monitor the status of people

during their daily life. I will first present a system for activities of

daily living (ADL) recognition by using a new 3D Qualitative Trajectory

Calculus (3D-QTC). In addition I will show preliminary work on wearable

technology to detect mental states on people, in particular stress.

* 参加申し込みは不要


倉爪 亮(九州大学)

電話 092-802-3611