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Advanced Robotics (AR) is the international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan established in 1986. It is an interdisciplinary journal which integrates publication of all aspects of research on robotics science and technology. Advanced Robotics publishes original research papers and survey papers from all over the world. Issues contain papers on analysis, theory, design, development, implementation and use of robots and robot technology. The journal covers both fundamental robotics and robotics related to applied fields such as service robotics, field robotics, medical robotics, rescue robotics, space robotics, underwater robotics, agriculture robotics, industrial robotics, and robots in emerging fields. It also covers aspects of social and managerial analysis and policy regarding robots.

Advanced Robotics (AR) is an international, ranked, peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge. All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.

  • Impact Factor :2.057 in 2021 (increased from 2020 IF of 1.6999)
  • ISSN: 0169-1864
  • Published since 1988

Special Sections

The Editorial Committee of Advanced Robotics is proud to introduce our new initiative: Special Sections; "Competition and System Integration" and "Cognitive Development and Symbol Emergence". These sections represent a significant step forward in our commitment to disseminating groundbreaking research in robotics science and technology. Details please access here

Advanced Robotics Paper Awards

The committee of Advanced Robotics Paper Awards is organized every year, and the Best Paper Award and the Excellent Paper Awards are selected from articles published in the Journal of Advanced Robotics in the last two years. The Best Paper Award is awarded a prize by Taylor & Francis.

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Message from Editorial Board

Editor in Chief, Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics (AR) started in 1986 as an official international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ). In these 35 years, our journal has been contributing to scientists, engineers, and students by supplying the publication of all aspects of research on robotics science and engineering. The research fields and markets related to robotics and artificial intelligence continue growing up and becomes familiar with our daily lives. Accordingly, robotics research society must orchestrate mechatronics, information technologies, and humanity. AR covers not only theories and technologies but also interdisciplinary works, which expand research field of robotics. AR is originated in Japan, one of the leading countries in robotics research and industry. The mission of our journal is to keep providing cutting-edge knowledge so that it motivates and encourages future researches and applications. AR has also published several special issues on the theme of advanced and basic research topics on robotics, and has grown as a truly international interdisciplinary journal integrating all aspects of robotics. It is planned, edited, and reviewed by the RSJ international journal publication committee, and is published from Taylor & Francis.

AR welcomes the submission of papers of high quality and interest reporting original research results of analysis, design, implementation and use of robots in various areas such as manipulation, locomotion, sensors, actuators, materials, control, intelligence, language, software, interface, system architecture, biomimetics, etc. The journal will also cover aspects of social and managerial analysis, and policy regarding robots. We encourage all of you to submit papers and appreciate to receive proposals to organize the special issue.

Daisuke Kurabayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Robotics

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