How to Change Private Data and Membership Status / How to Withdraw

How to Change Private Membership Data

If you wish to change your private data, please click the following button, and use the renewal and confirmation service.

Membership Services

How to Change Membership Status

If you wish to change your membership status (type of member), please fill in the information noted below in an e-mail or a letter, then send it to the Administration Office as notification of the change.

For a change in your membership status from/to life membership, please refer to the ‘Application of life membership’ below.

Required Information

  1. Name of member
  2. Membership number
  3. Current type of membership >>> Type of membership following change
  4. Other changes (organizational affiliation, contact information, etc.)

The membership fee for the post-change type of membership will be collected in the year (January-December) following notification of the change.

Application of life membership

Please refer to the Announcement: Introduction of life membership system.

How to Change Supporting Membership Data

Fill out the necessary parts of one of the application forms listed below, and then send the form to the RSJ Administration Office. If you can’t obtain an application form, please request one from the Administration Office. Should anything in the application process be unclear, please contact the Administration Office.
We welcome electronic applications, as they enable us to reduce mistakes and input errors.

[Notice of Change in the Robotics Society of Japan Supporting Membership Information]

How to Withdraw

Please submit a withdrawal application to the Administration Office.

Withdrawal Application [PDF] (*Please check the Precautions.)

Withdrawal Application [MS Word] (*Please check the Precautions.)

Applications and Inquiries about Joining, Withdrawing and change in membership data (to the RSJ Administration Office)

Administration Office of the Robotics Society of Japan
Blue Building 2F, 2-19-7 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Tel: +81-3-3812-7594
Fax: +81-3-3812-4628
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