Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Robotics Society of Japan

Enacted on January 20, 2006 by the Board of Directors

The Robotics Society of Japan (hereinafter referred to as the 'Society') recognizes the importance of personal information, complies with the laws and regulations related to personal information and makes efforts in order to properly handle the acquisition, use and control of such information as follows.

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information:
    This Society will acquire within the scope of its needs the information that can be used to identify a specific individual, in order to provide services conforming to the business purpose of the Society. When this Society acquires personal information, it shall be the basic policy that the purpose of such acquisition shall be clarified and such provision (registration) of information shall be based on the free will of the provider of the information.
  2. Use of Personal Information:
     This Society shall use the personal information in order to achieve the following purposes, within the scope necessary for such purposes:
    1. Personal identification, the collection of membership fees, the provision of services related to the application for use, the collection of usage fees, the notification of changes, the termination and suspension of the conditions for the provision of the usage of a service and the cancellation of a contract.
    2. Provision of the information necessary for the operation of this Society, such as the delivery of the notice of the General Meeting,
      voting forms, the journal and the European language journal and mutual communication between the members of the organization. However, in the case of the following, such information may be used or provided for purposes other than the purpose of the acquisition:
      1. If required under laws and regulations;
      2. If the consent of the provider is obtained;
      3. If the handling of the personal information is commissioned within the scope necessary for the performance of the business purpose; and
      4. If there are any reasonable grounds in order to achieve the business plan approved by the resolution of the organizations (the General Meeting and the Board of Directors) of this Society.
  3. Control of Personal Information:
    This Society will make efforts for taking the necessary and proper measures in order to prevent the leakage, loss, damage and falsification of personal information. However, the control by this Society shall not apply to personal information already disclosed and published by the provider.
  4. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information:
    In principle, this Society shall disclose the personal information without delay if the provider of such information requests the disclosure of the personal information by itself. Additionally, if any application for the correction of personal information is submitted, in principle, the correction shall be performed without delay in principle and the newest information shall be maintained
  5. Update of Privacy Policy:
    This Privacy Policy may be updated without any notice in accordance with the change of laws or due to other reasons. The newest privacy policy shall always apply to the personal information acquired by this Society. Such update, of any nature whatsoever, shall be published on the website of this Society and shall be effective from the date of such publishing.
  6. Contact for the handling of personal information:
    If you have any questions regarding the handling of the protection of personal information by this Society, please contact us by the following:
    The Robotics Society of Japan, Members Service Division