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Advanced Robotics, Special Sections

Advanced Robotics (AR), the international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), is proud to introduce our new initiative: Special Sections. These sections represent a significant step forward in our commitment to disseminating groundbreaking research in robotics science and technology.

Purpose and Vision: Special Sections are specialized segments within the AR journal, concentrating on specific thematic areas within the field of robotics. This initiative is designed to spotlight distinctive studies and showcase innovative research directions that are pushing the boundaries of robotics.

Ambitious Frontiers and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Each Special Section aims to explore frontiers in advanced robotics and foster interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts from various fields to explore complex topics in depth. These sections are not just about presenting research; they are about sparking conversations and inspiring new ideas that cross traditional boundaries.

Dedicated Editorial Boards: To underline the importance and influence of these sections, each will have its own dedicated Section Editorial Board. Comprising renowned experts in the relevant field, these boards will guide the direction of the section, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of its area of study. The contributed papers submitted to the Special Sections are guaranteed to be handled by these editors and reviewed by experts in the related field.

Merits for authors: The merits for authors who submit their papers to the special sections are as follows:

  1. It is guaranteed that the submitted papers will be handled by the section editors who specialize in the focused section.
  2. The reviewing process will be carried out according to the reviewing standards that specifically consider the characteristics of each scientific field.
  3. The accepted papers will be prominently presented as part of the special section.

Advanced Robotics is excited about this new chapter. Through these Special Sections, we aim to enhance the impact and reach of specialized research in robotics, offering a platform where innovative ideas can flourish and shape the future of the field.

Please consider submitting your contributed papers to the Special Sections.


Submission Instruction

The submission procedure for the Special Sections is the same as that for regular papers in Advanced Robotics. Please refer to the Instructions for Authors for more details. When submitting, choose the relevant Special Section in the submission portal.

  • Details of types of papers: Full paper (around 6000 words), Short paper (around 3500 words), and Survey paper (around 6000 words)
  • Select the type of paper from "Special Issue - Full Paper", "Special Issue - Short Paper", or "Special Issue - Survey Paper" when submitting your paper to Submission Portal.
  • Select [SS] Competition and System Integration or [SS] Cognitive Development and Symbol Emergence when submitting your paper to Submission Portal.
  • The full-length manuscript (either PDF file or MS word file) should be sent to the office of Advanced Robotics, the Robotics Society of Japan through the WEB site of Advanced Robotics. Instructions for authors and manuscript template are available at the WEB site.


Section descriptions

Competition and System Integration

Cognitive Development and Symbol Emergence