Solicitation of Advertisement

Advertising in the Journal and/or on the Website of the Robotics Society of Japan

Approximately 4,000 members and supporting members engaging in research, development and practical tasks relating to robots subscribe to the Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan. The Journal is also offered in libraries and other facilities, mainly of major universities and research institutes nationwide, via regular sales channels. It is therefore believed that the Journal is an extremely effective medium in terms of planning advertising activities regarding robot-related parts, software, testing devices and other products.

Broad Array of Robot-Related Fields

illustration1 There is a broad array of fields related to robots. There are the devices, such as motors, actuators and sensors. There also is the software for information processing, control and other functions, as well as those relating to artificial intelligence. Then, there are the materials and structural design that actually integrate and/or construct the foregoing. Further, there are the psychological considerations, design and elements that affect the relationship between robots and humans. There is no end to the list. It can therefore be said that the Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan and JRSJ website are ideal for the pinpoint transmission of the required information to subscribers and browsers from a broad spectrum of genres. illustration2 Additionally, the genre of robots itself has also expanding at a furious rate in recent years. Examples include industrial robots for plants, robot pets that provide healing and comfort in homes, robots that provide services in healthcare and nursing scenes, rescue robots that are most effective in times of disaster and robots that serve as network terminals. It is believed that the research and development of robots will continue to expand moving forward. It is anticipated that the trend will be accompanied by a broadening of the subscriber base of JRSJ and the visitor base of the RSJ website.

Forms of Advertisement

We offer the following two forms of advertisement. We strongly encourage you to consider utilizing our Journal and the website to advertise robot-related products and events, as well as to conduct corporate promotional activities.

Ad Regulations

Ad Regulations

Advertising in the JRSJ

Location of ad Print No. of Pages General (YEN) Supporting Members (YEN) Usable dimension of ad: Inside page Full page 250 mm in length × 180 mm in width Inside page Half page 125 mm in length × 180 mm in width Cover 4        245 mm in length × 175 mm in width * Please insert register marks on the outside (Size of journal: Modified A4 275 mm in length × 210 mm in width) Manuscript format:Positive print * Submission of a black & white original will result in a 30,000 yen charge for the preparation of a camera-ready master and a positive print, and the submission of a camera-ready master will result in a 5,000 yen charge for the preparation of a positive print. (Rates are subject to separate discussions in the case of multiple or two-color prints.) Deadlines for submission of ad manuscripts:One month prior to the publication of each issue * The scheduled publication dates are January 15, March 15, April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15, September 1, October 15, November 15 and December 15. Discount for supporting members: 15% off without exception Discount for annual contract: 20% off for running five ads in one year 30% off for running ten ads in one year Discount for applicants of robotics exhibition in the RSJ annual conference: 10% off without exception in a year Privilege awarded ad insertion contract: Entering into an ad insertion contract with us will allow you to banner advertise free of charge on the Robotic Society of Japan website.
Cover 2 Multiple colors 1 399,000 339,150
Two colors 1 199,500 169,575
One color 1 105,000 89,250
Cover 3 Multiple colors 1 294,000 249,900
Two colors 1 147,000 124,950
One color 1 94,500 80,325
Cover 4 Multiple colors 1 441,000 374,850
Two colors 1 220,500 187,425
One color 1 126,000 107,100
Regular page Multiple colors 1 325,500 276,675
Two colors 1 115,500 98,175
One color 1 84,000 71,400
One color 1/2 52,500 44,625
Insertion 1 168,000 142,800
* These are the rates for running an ad in one issue. * The rates include the consumption tax.

Banner Advertising on the RSJ Website

Rate for Banner Advertising on the RSJ Website

Location of ad General
Banner space at the bottom of the site(displayed on every page) 21,000 YEN per month (consumption tax included) *1
*1 The advertising period shall be in three-month units (from the first day through the last day of each month). * An ad may be posted on both the Japanese-language and the English-language pages. It is also possible to post separate banners on the Japanese and English pages. * If you have an ad insertion contract for JRSJ, you may post an ad banner on the RSJ website free of charge. Said banner ad may be posted for three months in the case of a spot insertion contract (one issue only) or for a period of one year in the case of an annual contract (contract for multiple issues)
[Various Discounts]
Discount for long-term contracts: 20% off for six-month contracts 30% off for one-year contracts Discount for supporting members: Additional 15% off from the aforementioned rates (Example) * One-year contract for a banner ad on the top page General 20,000 yen X 12 months X (1 – 0.3) X consumption tax = 176,400 yen Supporting members 20,000 yen X 12 months X (1 – 0.15) X (1 – 0.3) X consumption tax = 124,950 yen

Appearance of Banner

Ad Regulations Size: 36 X 138 pixels File format: JPEG only (Please provide the banner.) Other: Videos are not permitted as a rule.