Latest RSJ Awards

The 33th Best Paper Award (2019)

  • Robot Development for ARGOS Challenge and 1st Competition embracing Verification Test
    (JRSJ Vol.35 No.2, pp.123-134)
    Daisuke Endo (Tohoku University), Takaomi Koumura (Komatsu Ltd.), Daiki Suzuki (Japan Marine United Corporation ), Genki Yamauchi (Tohoku University), Keiji Nagatani (Tohoku University), Eiji Koyanagi (Mobile Robot Research Co. LTD.)
  • Resolved Viscoelasticity Control Explicitly Considering Structure-Variability for Humanoids
    (JRSJ Vol.35 No.2, pp.160-169)
    Ko Yamamoto(The University of Tokyo )
  • Coarse-to-fine Humanoid Motion Planning Using COM Feasible Region and Achievement of Humanoids Ladder Climbing and Transition
    (JRSJ Vol.36 no.1, pp.66-77)
    Shunichi Nozawa(The University of Tokyo ), Masao Kanazawa(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.), Yohei Kakiuchi(The University of Tokyo ), Yoshiki Kanemoto(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.), Mitsuhide Kuroda(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.), Kei Okada(The University of Tokyo ), Takahide Yoshiike(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.), Masayuki Inaba(The University of Tokyo )

The 7th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2019)

The 7th Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • ANYmal - toward legged robots for harsh environments
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.17, pp.918-931)
    Marco Hutter (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Christian Gehring (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Andreas Lauber (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), F. Gunther (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), C.Dario Bellicos (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Vassilios Tsounis (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Peter Fankhauser (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Remo Diethelm (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Samuel Bachmann (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Michael Bloesch (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Hendrik Kolvenbach (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Marko Bjelonic (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Linus Isler (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Konrad Meyer (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich)
  • Dynamic motion learning for multi-DOF flexible-joint robots using active–passive motor babbling through deep learning
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.18, pp.1002-1015)
    Kuniyuki Takahashi (Waseda University), Tetsuya Ogata (Waseda University), Jun Nakanishi (Nagoya University), Gordon Cheng (Technical University of Munich), Shigeki Sugano (Waseda University)
  • Probabilistic movement primitives under unknown system dynamics
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.32 No.6, pp.297-310)
    Alexandros Paraschos (TU Darmstadt), Elmar Rueckert (TU Darmstadt), Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Gerhard Neumann (University of lincoln)
  • SkinGest: artificial skin for gesture recognition via filmy stretchable strain sensors
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.32 No.21, pp.1112-1121)
    Ling Li (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Shuo Jiang (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Peter B. Shull (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Guoying Gu (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Maxime Thieffry (University of Lille and CNRS), Mario Sanz-Lopez (University of Lille and CNRS), Bruno Carrez (University of Lille and CNRS), Damien Marchal (University of Lille and CNRS), Olivier Goury (University of Lille and CNRS), Jeremie Dequidt (University of Lille and CNRS), Christian Duriez (University of Lille and CNRS)

The 24th Technical Innovations Award (2019)

  • Robo QS ―Tele-Operated Robot System Enabling Unmanned Operation of Backhoes in Disaster Scene―
    Shunichi Yamazaki (IHI Corporation), Hiroaki Hanawa (IHI Corporation), Katsuhiko Kawakami (Fujita Corporation), Takatsugu Hirano (Fujita Corporation), Kenji Hara (Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, MLIT, Government of Japan), Shinichiro Hashizumi (Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, MLIT, Government of Japan)
  • Development of MINERVA-Ⅱ Asteroid Surface Exploration Rovers
    Tetsuo Yoshimitsu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Institute of Astronautical Science), Takashi Kubota (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Institute of Astronautical Science)

The 34th Young Investigation Excellence Award (2019)

  • Kenshiro Otsuki (Waseda Univ.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 3P2-02
  • Tori Shimizu (Tohoku Univ.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 3K1-01
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi (Preferred Networks, Inc.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 1E3-02 & 2E1-02
  • Shintaro Noda (The Univ. of Tokyo)
    36th RSJ2018 / 1J1-04
  • Yoshiaki Bando (AIST)
    36th RSJ2018 / 2J2-06
  • Taichi Higashide (The Univ. of Tokyo)
    36th RSJ2018 / 3J3-02
  • Kenta Murakami (Panasonic Corp.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 3B2-03
  • Daisuke Yamada (Canon Inc.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 2E1-05
  • Masahiro Watanabe (Tohoku Univ.)
    36th RSJ2018 / 3K3-04

The 9th Robotics Symposia Young Investigation Excellence Award (2019)

  • Masumi Ohno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    24th Robotics Symposia / 2A3
  • Kousuke Okabe (National Institute of Technology, Wakayama College)
    24th Robotics Symposia / 4A1
  • Naoki Mizuno (Tohoku Univ.)
    24th Robotics Symposia / 1A2

The 1st International Session Best Presentation Award (2019)


  • Peizheng Yuan (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Soft Pneumatic Helical Actuator with High Contraction Ratio
    37th RSJ2019


  • Leyuan Sun (University of Tsukuba, AIST)
    Robust SLAM in Dynamic Environment based on Object's Mask
    37th RSJ2019
  • Andres Osorio (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    A novel scalable SMA actuator using thermally conductive fluid
    37th RSJ2019

The 11st Robots and Society Award (2019)

  • Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd.

The 12nd Distinguished Service Award (2019)

  • Tetsuo Tomizawa (The National Defense Academy of Japan), Naoji Shiroma (Ibaraki University)
  • Hisato Kobayashi (Hosei University)

The 1st Excellent Student Award (2019)

* Listed in alphabetical order of the winner's university

  • Masahiro Kawasaki (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  • Gakushi Maruyama (Chuo University)
  • Daiki Maeno (Gifu University)
  • Hitoshi Kimura (Hokkaido University)
  • Daiki Oyama (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
  • Souta Tajima (Kanazawa University)
  • Shunsuke Mochizuki (Keio University)
  • Shohei Yano (Kindai University)
  • Yuji Koshimura (Kogakuin University)
  • Kensei Takeda (Kogakuin University)
  • Zhang Kerou (Kyoto University)
  • Tokiya Kuniyasu (Muroran Institute of Technology)
  • Yamato Sasai (Meijo University)
  • Yuka Yamamoto (National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College)
  • Kazuhiro Miyashita (Osaka University)
  • Shintaro Taguchi (Osaka Institute of Technology)
  • Ryohei Matsuoka (Okayama University)
  • Yoshinari Takada (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
  • Hiroki Kohara (The University of Electro-Communication)
  • Tomoki Chada (The University of Tokyo)
  • Natsuki Harada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Takumi Hayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Haruka Kurokawa (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Issei Ikemura (Tokyo University of Technology)
  • Ryo Odake (Toyama Prefectural University)
  • Kazuki Yamada (Toyo University)
  • Naoki Ise (University of Tsukuba)
  • Takumi Irie (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Kazunari Masumoto (Yamagata University)
  • Yukari Hiraki (Yokohama National University)
  • Keiki Tatemura (Wakayama University)
  • Rikushi Sabu (Waseda University)