Advanced Robotics Paper Awards

The 11st Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2023)

Awards ceremony: September 13, 2023

Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Comparative anatomy of quadruped robots and animals: a review
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.36, No.13, pp.612-630)
    Akira Fukuhara (Tohoku University), Megu Gunji (Toyo University), Yoichi Masuda (Osaka University)

Advanced Robotics Best Survey Paper Award

  • Explainable autonomous robots: a survey and perspective
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.36, No.13, pp.612-630)
    Tatsuya Sakai (Osaka University), Takayuki Nagai (Osaka University/University of Electro-Communications)

Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award

  • CycleGAN-based realistic image dataset generation for forward-looking sonar
    (Advanced Robotics Vol. 35 No. 3-4, pp. 242-254)
    Dingyu Liu (The University of Tokyo), Yusheng Wang (The University of Tokyo), Yonghoon Ji (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Hiroshi Tsuchiya (Research Institute,Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd.), Atsushi Yamashita (The University of Tokyo), Hajime Asama (The University of Tokyo)
  • Estimation of articulated angle in six-wheeled dump trucks using multiple GNSS receivers for autonomous driving
    (Advanced Robotics Vol. 35 No. 23, pp. 1376-1387)
    Taro Suzuki (Chiba Institute of Technology), Kazunori Ohno (Tohoku University), Shotaro Kojima (Tohoku University), Naoto Miyamoto (Tohoku University), Takahiro Suzuki (Tohoku University), Tomohiro Komatsu (Kowatech Co., Ltd.), Yukinori Shibata (Sato Koumuten Co., Ltd.), Kimitaka Asano (Sanyo-Technics Co., Ltd.), Keiji Nagatani (The University of Tokyo)

The 10th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2022)

Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Online generation and control of quasi-static multi-contact motion by PWT Jacobian matrix with contact wrench estimation and joint load reduction
    Advanced Robotics Vol.35, No.1, pp.48-63
    Naoki Hiraoka(The University of Tokyo), Masaki Murooka(The University of Tokyo), Shintaro Noda(The University of Tokyo), Kei Okada(The University of Tokyo), Masayuki Inaba(The University of Tokyo)

Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award

  • TAMS: development of a multipurpose three-arm aerial manipulator system
    Advanced Robotics Vol. 35 No. 1, pp. 31-47
    Hannibal Paul(Ritsumeikan University), Ryo Miyazaki(Ritsumeikan University), Robert Ladig(Ritsumeikan University), Kazuhiro Shimonomura(Ritsumeikan University)
  • Spiral coil beneath fingertip enhances tactile sensation while tracing surface with small undulations
    Advanced Robotics Vol. 35 No. 5, pp. 295-307
    Toshinobu Takei(Hirosaki University), Tetsuya Ni'izeki(Hirosaki University), Mitsuhito Ando(University of Tsukuba), Hiromi Mochiyama(University of Tsukuba), Etsujiro Imanishi(Hirosaki University), Hideo Fujimoto(Nagoya Institute of Technology)

The 9th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2021)

Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Loop detection for 3D LiDAR SLAM using segment-group matching
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.34 No.23, pp.1530-1544)
    Masahiro Tomono (Chiba Institute of Technology)

Advanced Robotics Best Survey Paper Award

  • Survey on frontiers of language and robotics
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.33 No.15,16, pp.700-730)
    Tadahiro Taniguchi (Ritsumeikan University), Daichi Mochihashi (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics), Takayuki Nagai (Osaka University), Satoru Uchida (Kyushu University), Naoya Inoue (Tohoku University), Ichiro Kobayashi (Ochanomizu University), Tomoaki Nakamura (The University of Electro-Communications), Yoshinobu Hagiwara (Ritsumeikan University), Naoto Iwahashi (Okayama Prefectural University), Tetsunari Inamura (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Kei Okada (The University of Tokyo ), Masayuki Inaba (The University of Tokyo )

Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award

  • Assisted teleoperation in changing environments with a mixture of virtual guides
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.34 No.18, pp.1157-1170)
    Marco Ewerton (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Oleg Arenz (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Jan Peters (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

The 8th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2020)

Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Biohybrid device with antagonistic skeletal muscle tissue for measurement of contractile force
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.33 No.5, pp.208-218)
    Yuya Morimoto (The University of Tokyo), Hiroaki Onoe (The University of Tokyo), Shoji Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo)

Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award

  • Key design parameters of a few types of electro-hydrostatic actuators for humanoid robots
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.32 No.23, pp.1241-1252)
    Tianyi Ko (The University of Tokyo), Hiroshi Kaminaga (The University of Tokyo), Yoshihiko Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
  • Trajectory adjustment for nonprehensile manipulation using latent space of trained sequence-to-sequence model
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.33 No.21, pp.1144-1154 )
    Kyo Kutsuzawa (Tohoku University), Sho Sakaino (University of Tsukuba), Toshiaki Tsuji (Saitama University)
  • A framework for robotic clothing assistance by imitation learning
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.33 No.22, pp.1156-1174 )
    Ravi Prakash Joshi (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Nishanth Koganti (Nara Institute of Science and Technology), Tomohiro Shibata (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

The 7th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2019)

The 7th Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • ANYmal - toward legged robots for harsh environments
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.17, pp.918-931)
    Marco Hutter (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Christian Gehring (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Andreas Lauber (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), F. Gunther (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), C.Dario Bellicos (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Vassilios Tsounis (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Peter Fankhauser (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Remo Diethelm (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Samuel Bachmann (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Michael Bloesch (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Hendrik Kolvenbach (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Marko Bjelonic (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Linus Isler (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich), Konrad Meyer (Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich)
  • Dynamic motion learning for multi-DOF flexible-joint robots using active–passive motor babbling through deep learning
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.18, pp.1002-1015)
    Kuniyuki Takahashi (Waseda University), Tetsuya Ogata (Waseda University), Jun Nakanishi (Nagoya University), Gordon Cheng (Technical University of Munich), Shigeki Sugano (Waseda University)
  • Probabilistic movement primitives under unknown system dynamics
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.32 No.6, pp.297-310)
    Alexandros Paraschos (TU Darmstadt), Elmar Rueckert (TU Darmstadt), Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Gerhard Neumann (University of lincoln)
  • SkinGest: artificial skin for gesture recognition via filmy stretchable strain sensors
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.32 No.21, pp.1112-1121)
    Ling Li (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Shuo Jiang (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Peter B. Shull (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Guoying Gu (Shanghai Jiao tong University), Maxime Thieffry (University of Lille and CNRS), Mario Sanz-Lopez (University of Lille and CNRS), Bruno Carrez (University of Lille and CNRS), Damien Marchal (University of Lille and CNRS), Olivier Goury (University of Lille and CNRS), Jeremie Dequidt (University of Lille and CNRS), Christian Duriez (University of Lille and CNRS)

The 6th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2018)

The 6th Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Controlling an electromyography-based power-assist device for the wrist using electroencephalography cortical currents
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.1,2, pp.88-96)
    Toshihiro Kawase (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Natsue Yoshimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry), Hiroyuki Kambara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Institute of Technology, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
  • Eye gaze tracking using corneal imaging and active illumination devices
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.8, pp.413-427)
    Atsushi Nakazawa (Kyoto University), Hiroaki Kato (Kyoto University), Christian Nitschke (Kyoto University), Toyoaki Nishida (Kyoto University)
  • Mechanical principles of dynamic terrestrial self-righting using wings
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.17, pp.881-900)
    Chen Li (Johns Hopkins University), Chad C. Kessens (Army Research Laboratory ), Ronald S. Fearing (University of California ), Robert J. Full (University of California)
  • Software toolkit for modeling, simulation, and control of soft robots
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.31 No.22, pp.1208-1224)
    Eulalie Coevoet (University of Lille and CNRS), Thor Morales-Bieze (University of Lille and CNRS), Frederick Largilliere (University of Lille and CNRS), Zhongkai Zhang (University of Lille and CNRS), Maxime Thieffry (University of Lille and CNRS), Mario Sanz-Lopez (University of Lille and CNRS), Bruno Carrez (University of Lille and CNRS), Damien Marchal (University of Lille and CNRS), Olivier Goury (University of Lille and CNRS), Jeremie Dequidt (University of Lille and CNRS), Christian Duriez (University of Lille and CNRS)

The 5th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2017)

The 5th Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Electromyographic prosthetic hand using grasping-force-magnification mechanism with five independently driven fingers
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.24, pp.1586-1598)
    Takeshi Takaki (Hiroshima University), Keisuke Shima (Yokohama National University), Naohisa Mukaidani (Hiroshima University), Toshio Tsuji (Hiroshima University), Akira Otsuka (Prefectural University of Hiroshima), Takaaki Chin (Hyogo Rehabilitation Center Hospital)
  • Large attitude change flight of a quad tilt rotor unmanned aerial vehicle
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.5, pp.326-337)
    Atsushi Oosedo (Tohoku University), Satoko Abiko (Tohoku University), Shota Narasaki (Tohoku University), Atsushi Kuno (Tohoku University), Atsushi Konno (Hokkaido University), Masaru Uchiyama (Tohoku University)
  • Transformable multirotor with two-dimensional multilinks: modeling, control, and motion planning for aerial transformation
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.13, pp.825-845)
    Moju Zhao (The University of Tokyo), Koji Kawasaki (The University of Tokyo), Kei Okada (The University of Tokyo), Masayuki Inaba (The University of Tokyo)
  • Scissor lift with real-time self-adjustment ability based on variable gravity compensation mechanism
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.30 No.15, pp.1014-1026)
    Naoyuki Takesue (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Yosuke Komoda (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Hideyuki Murayama (Toyota Motor Corporation), Kousyun Fujiwara (Toyota Motor Corporation), Hideo Fujimoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

The 4th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2016)

The 4th Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Posture estimation of hose-shaped robot by using active microphone array
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.1, pp.35-49)
    Yoshiaki Bando (Kyoto Univ.), Takuma Otsuka (Kyoto Univ.), Takeshi Mizumoto (Kyoto Univ.), Katsutoshi Itoyama (Kyoto Univ.), Masashi Konyo (Tohoku Univ.), Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku Univ.), Kazuhiro Nakadai (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd., / Tokyo Institute of Technology ), Hiroshi G. Okuno (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Realizing whole-body tactile interactions with a self-organizing, multi-modal artificial skin on a humanoid robot
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.1, pp.51-67)
    Philipp Mittendorfer (Technische Universitat Munchen), Eiichi Yoshida (Joint Robotics Laboratory, CNRS-AIST ), Gordon Cheng (Technische Universitat Munchen)
  • 1 ms Auto Pan-Tilt?video shooting technology for objects in motion based on Saccade Mirror with background subtraction
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.7, pp.457-468)
    Kohei Okumura (SUZUYE & SUZUYE Intellectual Property Law ), Keiko Yokoyama (NEC Corp.), Hiromasa Oku (Gunma Univ.), Masatoshi Ishikawa (The Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Motion control of wearable-type walking support system based on the spring-mass model
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.29 No.20, pp.1339-1355)
    Shinji Suzuki (Tohoku Univ.), Yasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku Univ.), Kazuhiro Kosuge (Tohoku Univ.)

The 3th Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2015)

The 3rd Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • A novel method to develop an animal model of depression using a small mobile robot
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.1 pp.61-69)
    Hiroyuki Ishii, Qing Shi, Shogo Fumino, Shinichiro Konno, Shinichi Kinoshita, Satoshi Okabayashi, Naritoshi Iida, Hiroshi Kimura, Yu Tahara, Shigenobu Shibata, Atsuo Takanishi
  • Tightly-coupled stereo vision-aided inertial navigation using feature-based motion sensors
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.28 No.11 pp.717-729)
    Ehsan Asadi, Carlo L. Bottasso
  • Improved stability of haptic human?robot interfaces using measurement of human arm stiffness
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.28 No.13 pp.869-882)
    William Gallagher, Dalong Gao, Jun Ueda

The 2nd Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2014)

The 2nd Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Decentralized controllers for perimeter surveillance with teams of aerial robots
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.9 pp.697-709)
    Luciano C.A. Pimenta, Guilherme A.S. Pereira, Mateus M. Goncalves, Nathan Michael, Matthew Turpin, Vijay Kumar
  • A real-time super-resolution robot audition system that improves the robustness of simultaneous speech recognition
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.27 No.12 pp.933-945)
    Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hiroshi G. Okuno
  • Study on Roller-Walker ― Improvement of Locomotive Efficiency of Quadrupted Robots by Passive Wheels
    (Advanced Robotics Vol.26 No.8-9 pp.969-988)
    Gen Endo, Shigeo Hirose

The 1st Advanced Robotics Paper Awards (2013)

The 1st Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

  • Dynamic Rolling-Walk Motion by the Limb Mechanism Robot ASTERISK
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 25, Issue 1-2, pp. 75-91)
    Chayooth Theeravithayangkura,田窪 朋仁(大阪市立大学),大原 賢一(名城大学),前 泰志(大阪大学),新井 健生(大阪大学)
  • Real-Time Quadratic Sliding Mode Filter for Removing Noise
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 26, Issue 8-9, pp. 877-896)
    金 山海,菊植 亮,山本 元司(九州大学)
  • Online Object Categorization Using Multimodal Information Autonomously Acquired by a Mobile Robot
    (Advanced Robotics, Volume 26, Issue 17, pp. 1995-2020)
    荒木 孝弥(電気通信大学),中村 友昭(HRI-JP),長井 隆行(電気通信大学),船越 孝太郎,中野 幹生(HRI-JP),岩橋 直人(京都大学)