[RO-MAN 2013] Work-in-Progress/Interactive Demonstration/Video Papers

The 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2013) will be held in Gyeongju, Korea from August 26 to 29, 2013.

IEEE RO-MAN 2013 will be the best place to discuss and share your ideas and opinions on HRI (Human-Robot Interaction). IEEE RO-MAN 2013 will focus on the up-to-date theories technologies and studies for HRI and the related issues such as artificial intelligence/emotion, human factors, social relationship, haptic interaction, application and evaluations, etc. Especially, Art & Technology issue is newly generated this year as robotics tends to fuse with art. We truly welcome your papers on all aspects of human-robot interactive communication, and expect your great interest and participation.

Important Dates

. Mar. 31, 2013 : Deadline of Submission for Work-in-Progress Papers

Deadline of Submission for Interactive Demonstration or Video Papers

. Apr. 25, 2013 : Notification of Paper Acceptance

. May 30, 2013 : Deadline of Submission for Camera-Ready Final papers

Paper Submission

. Work-in-Progress Papers for Poster Presentation

Special poster session is prepared to present research results in their early stage from both academia and industry. 2 page extended abstract should be submitted via PaperPlaza site for the conference.

. Interactive Demonstration Papers

Interactive Demonstration Session is designed to foster practical research into novel human-robot interaction technology. Groups that are interested in demonstrating their novel ideas and results with real robots or artifacts are encouraged to participate. The participating groups should submit a video clip showing the interactive demonstration as well as the 2 page extended abstract. The accepted contributors have to interactively demonstrate their results on site.

. Video Papers

Videos illustrating new and exciting results are sought for dedicated video sessions. Videos should be accompanied by the 2 page extended abstract and should be submitted via the PaperPlaza submission site for the conference.

. Detailed instructions for paper submission:

. Submitting paper (PaperPlaza):

Relevant Topics

Fundamental Interaction Components

. Visual sensing and cognition: gesture, posture, face, facial expression

. Auditory cognition: cognition/interpretation of voice, sound or language

. Novel interfaces substitution and interaction modalities

. Motion planning and navigation in the vicinity of humans

. Haptic interaction

. Robot software architecture and development tools

Intelligence and Emotion

. Context awareness and intention understanding

. Intelligent space

. Knowledge and inference processing

. Machine learning and adaptation in human-robot interaction

. Motivations and emotions in robots

. Coordination in human-robot teams

Social/Ethical/Aesthetic Issues

. Social, economic and legal acceptability of interactive robotic systems

. Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interaction

. Sociality/personality of robots or virtual characters

. Robotic motions and expression based on cognitive psychology

Art & Technology

. Robots in art and entertainment

. Art pieces supported by robotics

. Sound design for robots

. Storytelling in HRI

. Innovative robot designs

Case Studies and Applications

. robotic co-workers, robotic companions and social robots

. Assistive and rehabilitative robots

. Educational robots

. Virtual and augmented tele-presence applications

. Androids and other applications


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